Magic No-Knead Bread

20140412_193245I was never one for making bread – that is, before I discovered this recipe.

Number one: You barely have to touch the sticky, messy doug: Perfect for a princess like me.
Number two: It is explained on Simply So Good with step-by-step-pictures how to do this crusty bread – did I mention that I absolutely love step-by-step recipes? Because I do.
Number three: Yummy smell! Actually, this recipe (partly) made me buy a Le Creuset oven. (I don’t get why it is called an oven and not a pot, since it is a pot.)

20140412_123034For the entire recipe in English visit Simply So Good. Thanks to Janet for letting me translate her recipe! You will find my German and French translation in the links above, with pictures of my bacon-Gruyère-version of the bread.



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