Quark Dessert

20140412_181724As a kid, this was my go-to dessert my mother always asked me to do at summer parties. That’s why for me it’s a summer dessert, and also because it is fairly cool. It resembles Tiramisu in its form, but it has a very different taste. And it is very sweet!

You will need:

500g quark (about 2 cups?)
150g butter (2/3 cups)
3/4 cups sugar
2 packets of vanilla sugar (30g)
1 fresh egg

1 cup single cream
100 g dark chocolate (2/3 cups)
Petits Beurres biscuits

MischungMix quark, sugar, butter, vanilla sugar and the egg. This time I only had one pack of vanilla sugar and it was really sweet enough. I’m pretty sure one could cut on the sugar as well, but I’ll try that another time.


Whip half of the cream to get whipped cream. Carefully incorporate to the quark.


Lay the Petits Beurres into a big dish, I used my gratin dish.

20140412_125945Pour the quark-mix on top of the biscuits.


Melt the chocolate with your leftover cream and pour it onto the dish.

20140412_130533I use a fork to do the pattern, but feel free to do different decorations with your chocolate.

Put the dish into your freezer for about 20 minutes, then to the fridge (and then on your plate). It is going to be very ugly on your plate, all wet and sploshy, that’s why you don’t get any pictures from this stage. But it’s yummy!


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