BirchermüesliThis is a typically swiss recipe my mum often does in summer. We eat it for supper, even though it is breakfast food. Prepare it a few hours in advance (at noon for the evening) and enjoy it with bread and cheese!


You will need:

Lemon juice
2 yogurts of your choice (berry yogurt works especially well!)
Various fruits such as a banana, an apple, berries,…
Coffee cream
Dried fruits (optional)

BirchermüesliYou will need a Birchermüesli-Mix, which you can find here at any supermarket. Mine is composed of oatmeal flakes, barley flakes, raisins, wheat flakes, hazelnuts, dried apple slices and millet flakes.

BirchermüesliPut 5 tbsp per person in a big bowl and mix with a bit of milk, lemon juice and one yogurt. I recommend fruit yogurt (berry!), but feel free to try any flavour. If you have dried fruits, almonds or nuts you can put them in now as well – I know that dried cranberries work very well!

BirchermüesliPut the mixture in the fridge for the whole afternoon. It will look all gross and dry when you take it out after a few hours, that’s why we will add coffee cream and/or another yogurt. It really depends on how hungry you are. Finally add the fruits, cut in small pieces and enjoy with bread! If you made too much you can refrigerate it and eat it for breakfast.


So ugly but so good and fruity!


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