Stoemp aux carottes

It’s cold. That’s why a stoemp is a perfect recipe. It really resembles mashed potatoes, but it’s better (I don’t like mashed potatoes, I like to have something to chew on.) The stoemp is a typically belgian recipe, from Brussels. You can find more information on wikipedia.


Let’s go!

diced bacon
a garlic clove
salt and pepper
thyme or laurel (I didn’t have any, but my mother swears by it – and in the end, it’s her recipe)


First, cut everything is cubes. Try to chop the carrots and potatoes into quite big cubes.


Brown a bit of butter and roast gently the onion, garlic, and finally the diced bacon. When it looks cooked, add the potatoes and the carrots, deglazing it with broth – but not too much, the ingredients shouldn’t be swimming!

stoemp1Sorry for the atrocious picture, but that’s already an example of too much broth. I had to spoon out some of it – which by the way was excellent, since it had been cooking for a while already with all the ingredients. I decided to put the spare broth into ice cubes and freeze it for next time!

stoemp2Let everything cook on small fire – it took more or less 40minutes for me. Don’t forget to salt and pepper. As soon as the carrots and potatoes could be mashed and there is no more liquid left, the stoemp is done!


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