Burger with homemade fries

IMG_20141122_202110Okay, this is a super easy and quite classic recipe. I’m not even sure if it deserves a blogpost… Anyway, that’s how it works:

For the fries:
Olive Oil
Provençal herbs (why is there a « ç » in the english word, whereas there is none in the original french word?)

Okay, super easy: Preheat your oven to 180-200°C / 350-390°F. Cut your potatoes in lengthy pieces – I half them, and then cut them into three. Put them in a plastic bag, with a bit of olive oil and herbs, shake, put on a baking plate with baking paper and bake as soon as your oven is preheated for about half an hour. Frites1It really depends on the thickness of your fries, I try to always keep an eye on them and take them out when they look well baked and crispy. Add salt and serve with a sauce of your choice (I’m a mayo-girl myself).IMG_20141122_201316

For the burger – it’s a bit ridiculous, since I don’t do any of the ingredients myself, but there you go:
ideally: maple syrup, or sugar or honey
oil and/or butter

Cut your onion and tomato into thin slices. tomateStart with a bit of oil and/or butter and maple syrup in a pan, cook and therefore caramelise the onion rings. IMG_20141122_200216Set the rings apart as soon as they look all yummy-brown and cook the burgers. Meanwhile you can wash and cut a lettuce leaf per person and cut the cheese into thin slices (I used gruyère, but it is also very good with cheddar of any other kind of cheese!). At this point you can also add a slice of bacon per person. IMG_20141122_200902As soon as the meat is cooked, rinse the pan and heat up the buns just a bit, without cooking them (nor burning them – that’s why we rinse the pan, otherwise the remaining oil is going burn the bun – or something, I’m not sure how the science of burning stuff works). The magic of burgers is that you can add anything you love. <3

Then put together your yummy burger, don’t forget the mayo and ketchup (or whatever other sauce you enjoy!) and bon appétit!IMG_20141122_202034


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