Ham croissants

IMG_20150129_163306Today I’d like to show you a super easy recipe that works well for appetizers, parties or simply as snacks. You will need puff pastry, spread cheese and ham. Super simple and super yummy!

First of all, pre-heat your oven and roll out your store-bought puff pastry (or your homemade one, that is).

IMG_20150129_143537Spread your cheese on it – I like to use no-brand cheese and add my own spices, herbes de provence, but it works very well with any kind of Cantadou, Tartare or Philadelphia.


Add your ham and try to cover all of the surface evenly.


Cut into triangles and roll your croissants!


I like them big, but they work well as tiny croissants as well! At the end, your baking plate will look something like this:




Bake at 180°-200°C / 350°-390°F depending on your oven and your preferences for approx. 20min – I am very bad at knowing how long I have to cook anything, I basically just stay in the kitchen and do the dishes or something while keeping an eye on it. By the way, this recipe works very well with salmon, or dried tomatoes / any kind of spreadable vegetable as well, if you want to do a vegetarian version!




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